Vacation to Peru: 6 Peruvian Dishes You Must Try

08/12/2020 | by Macla Reátegui | Local Area

Over the last couple of years, Peru has become a favorite destination for a lot of tourists not only for their ancient history and beautiful landscapes but also has become an important gastronomic destination for food lovers around the world.

If you are planning a vacation to Peru we would like to recommend 6 Peruvian dishes you must try on your trip.

6 Traditional dishes you must try in your next vacation to Peru


ceviche peruvian food

If you search Peruvian food, Ceviche is the first dish that will come on your search and you’ll find a lot of articles about this delicious dish.

The main ingredients have been maintained since ancient times with only 5 ingredients: fresh fish, lemon, yellow aji, onions, and sweet potato. 



It’s one of the most representative dishes of the selvatic gastronomy. You can eat this dish all year round but it is more consumed in June because of the San Juan celebration. You can find different types of Junes but the most popular is traditional Juane that is filled with hen’s legs. 

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3.Rocoto Relleno


This dish is typical from the city of Arequipa. The gastronomy of Arequipa is very popular in the country because of its variety of dishes like Ocopa (very similar to Papa a la Huancaina), Chupe de Camarones (it’s a soup), Adobo Arequipeño, and more. 

The main dish based on red pepper stuffed with meat and vegetables with some special cheese on top, all this goes directly to the oven. If you like some spicy food this dish will be perfect for you. 



This entrance sometimes can be a main dish, it depends on the size. But the most incredible thing is the variety of causas you can find in almost every part of Peru.

The traditional is Causa de Pollo that is full of boiled chicken, eggs, avocado, celery, and sometimes olive but you can also ask the one filled with tuna and the same ingredients. You can also ask for a Causa Marina that can be filled with shrimp or crab and avocado. 



This is a very traditional dish that has its origins back in colonial times. You can find this dish in any famous restaurants or at local food trucks. 

It’s made of cow heart with Peruvian corn and boiled potatoes, all are cooked at a grill. You can add some aji or rocoto sauce.

6.Lomo Saltado


When you travel to Peru this dish will be one of the most common plates you will see in every restaurant.

At first, it looks like a simple dish but every bite is like heaven. The combination of fried beef with salted tomatoes, onion, and thin slices of Aji Amarillo with some soy plus some Peruvian fries and white rice makes a perfect combination.

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