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Vacation To Peru: Places To Visit

02/03/2021 | by Macla Reátegui | Vacation To Peru

If you’re looking to travel to a destination that has beautiful scenarios, cultural history, great food and incredible people you must plan a vacation to Peru right now!

To help you plan your trip, we’re going to make a list of 6 places we think you must go. 

Best Places to Visit in Peru

1. Amazon River and Jungle

amazon river Peruvian jungle

One of the largest and most beautiful rivers in the world with a length greater than 4,000 miles, it passes through the territories of Peru, Brazil and Colombia.

Many native communities live close to the Amazon River, such as the Boras, the Yahuas, the Witotos, and many others. 

At the Amazon Jungle, you’ll be able to find more than 643 species between birds, mammals, fishes and reptiles. Some species are unique only to this part of the world.

2. Treehouse Lodge Peru

treehouse lodge iquitos

The only all-inclusive lodge in Iquitos, that provides its guests unique experiences and an amazing opportunity to reconnect with mother nature.

Waking up at the treetop canopy with a privileged view of the amazon river is something you must experience. Also, they offer more than 15 excursions to help you explore the Peruvian Amazonian

Treehouse Lodge is located in Iquitos and has tour packages for you.

3. The Nazca Lines

nazca lines tour

Located at the Nazca Valley in Ica, all of the approximately 800 geoglyphs lines were drawn on the sand thousands of years ago. 

They have different sizes and shapes, each one more impressive than the other. The most famous are the Monkey, Spider and Hummingbird. 

The best way to admire them is by flying. You can find many companies that provide this service. 

4. The Sacred Valley of the Incas

sacred Valley of the Incas

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is full of incredible Incan constructions that will blow your mind. These structures have stood the test of time and are usually high on the list of best moments during a trip to Peru.

At Private Vacations, we can help you plan your trip not only to the Sacred Valley but also to Machu Picchu and other important places in Cusco. 

5. Caral

caral city peru

Located a few hours from Lima, Caral was one of the first civilizations on the American continent. It was discovered in 1948 and in 2009 was declared by Unesco as a World Heritage Site

While visiting Caral Valley you’ll find pyramids, temples, amphitheaters and many buildings. 

Visiting Caral is a good way to start your trip because it’ll introduce you to the beginnings of the ancient cultures that once lived here.

6. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

If you’re visiting Peru you have to make some space in your schedule to visit Machu Picchu. Thankfully it’s open all year long, so you can visit any time you want. 

This Inca citadel was built approximately during the 15th century and served as a sacred city. 

One of the new 7 Wonders of the World, do you need another reason to visit? The tour packages at Treehouse Lodge include this incredible place. 

If you’re already planning your vacation to Peru, don’t forget to add these places and explore this incredible country.

At Private Vacations, we’ll be happy to help you find the ideal tour packages for your next visit. To #TravelBetter Contact Us for more info!

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