Activities To Do On Your Zion National Park Vacation

04/01/2021 | by poipubeachseal | National & State Parks

Zion National Park is more than 15 miles long, presenting you with a lot of opportunities for a variety of activities that are both fun and exciting to try. 

That’s why, if you’re planning a Zion National Park vacation, this list will come in quite handy for when you’re planning your daily activities throughout your visit. 

Zion National Park Activities

  • Driving through the Zion Carmel Highway
Zion Carmel Highway

This scenic drive runs from South to East, providing different scenic views of the park. The highway itself spans approximately 10 miles of Zion National Park.

During your drive, you’ll pass through a 1.1-mile tunnel and will eventually arrive at the Canyon Overlook Trail. This is a hiking trail with an incredible view of the valley, and speaking of hiking trails.

  • Try Doing One or More Hiking Trails 

Southern Utah is known as a paradise for all hiking lovers, and one of the advantages of doing a hike in Zion is that you’ll find different types of places to traverse. To help you decide which one is better for you, we have made a list of hiking trails depending on the level of difficulty. 

  1. Easy: Recommended for beginners or kids. You can try Pa’rus Trail; Lower Emerald Pool Trail and Weeping Rock Trail.
  2. Moderate: Recommended for hikers who want a bit of a challenge. You can try Watchman Trail; Upper Emerald Pool Trail and Kayenta Trail.
  3. Difficult: Recommended for experienced hikers. You should try Angels Landing; Hidden Canyon Trail or The Narrows via East Rim Trail.

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  • Visit The Zion Human History Museum

If you want to make your visit a little more educational and fun, you should visit the Zion Human History Museum at the park. The permanent exhibition will host American Indian culture, historic pioneer settlement, and Zion’s growth as a national park. Also, the rangers will answer all of your questions. 

It’s a good idea to make the most out of a Zion National Park vacation by having your kids learn a little more about ancient cultures and peoples.

  • Horse Riding 

If you’re a little tired and want to continue exploring the park, you can do it by horse! This service is offered by a few companies inside the park, and kids love it!

Usually, you can rent a one-hour ride, but there are also other alternatives for more experienced horse riders. Think of this as a break from the long walks or a helpful way to finish a challenging hike. 

  • Canyoneering at Zion Slots
Zion slots

Like hiking, canyoneering is a very popular activity in Zion and many people come to the park for it. This time, we’re going to give you information about 2 Slot canyons in St George located at Zion.

  1. Yankee Doodle Hollow: Looking for a short but fun hike? This is the ideal choice for you! The slot is composed of Navajo sandstone. It’ll take you between 2-3 hours to complete. 
  2. Orderville Canyon: This is moderately difficult,  it is definitely worth it. It has a length of 11 miles and and huge chockstones and a natural pool at the lower portion. 

Hopefully, with this list of fun activities, your Zion National Park vacation is ready to kick-off! 

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