Family Reunion Vacation: Where to Go?

07/19/2021 | by Macla Reátegui | Vacations to St George

Summer is a great time for a family reunion vacation and you are probably thinking about where the perfect private destination to go would be; you don’t have to look any further! There is one incredible destination in Southern Utah, St George

5 Reasons To Visit St George Utah

1. National & State Parks

St George is located close to many parks where you go hiking, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking, rafting or just take a nice walk with the kids and your furry friends. 

Here you will find some of the best National Parks, the most popular and famous is Zion National Park with tons of family activities to do like hiking or zion rafting. You can also visit the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, Kolob Canyon, and more.

You’ll find more State Parks like Snow Canyon State Park where you can hike onto the canyon carved from the red and white Navajo sandstone of the Red Mountains. Other State Parks you should visit include Sand Hollow State Park, Quail Creek State Park and more. 

PS: In the Private Vacations blog, we have an article about National Parks in Utah, just in case you need more help.

2. Great Weather

Did you know that in St George Utah you have approximately 260 days of sunshine per year? Yes, that’s right! Enjoy a perfect getaway weekend with your family or your partner to a place where the sun shines even more. 

The best time to go is in spring and fall, and we recommend going for a hike in these seasons. Summer is a great time too, but sometimes it can be very hot.

In winter you will enjoy the greatest snow on the earth, from December to March the snow falls can be more than a foot every five days. That makes St George a great place to have a winter vacation too. Check this fun fact about snow in Utah.

3. Best Restaurants in St George

Traveling with your family or big groups there’s always going to be some differences while choosing what to eat, luckily at St George, you have a huge variety of options.

From fast-food restaurants to homemade food; with options like Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Hawaiian and of course Italian. 

Just in case you need more help, our friends at Coral Springs Resort made an article about the best family friendly restaurants in St George

4. Scenic Views

If you want to take some incredible pictures and enjoy the best views in St George, you should definitely check out some of the scenic views. We have 2 places we definitely recommend you should go.

  • Zion Park Scenic Byway: This is the main highway through Zion National Park. The highway follows the Virgin River and provides outstanding scenery, both inside and outside of the park. If you have already planned a visit to Zion, don’t forget to add a car drive to see this beautiful landscape.
  • Smithsonian Butte National Backcountry Byway: Situated at the southwest of Zion National Park, you will definitely love this because it’s a gorgeous, quiet and serene spot that isn’t very well known to a lot of people. 

5. Best Vacation Rentals St George Utah

If you’re looking for the best vacation rentals in St George Utah, we think this will be very helpful in your search. At Private Vacations, we have 3 ideal Utah vacation rentals for you to pick depending on your needs. Check these out for the perfect vacation. 

  • Coral Canyon Resort: This resort has private rentals from 4 to 8 bedrooms. It’s made up of two resorts: The Eighth and Town Center, and It’s close to Zion National Park! 
  • Estancia Resort: All of the Estancia Resort suites are new and each one offers central air conditioning, fully-equipped kitchens, complimentary wi-fi, and best of all It’s close to Snow Canyon State Park!
  • Coral Springs Resort: The suites here have an old-world charm with a southwest motif but are fully equipped. Enjoy the Coral Springs Resort clubhouse that has indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, fitness center, tennis court and basketball court. 

After reading this, we know you have probably chosen St George as your next family reunion vacation. Contact us to book the ideal St George vacation home rental!

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