Our History

Private Vacations was founded by the owners of a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, a Peruvian Tour Company, an SEO company, a Sales Organization and an International Travel Agency. With backgrounds in property management and hospitality, we offer customized experiences and unique vacation opportunities. Although we have the ability to curate every travel experience that you can imagine, we specialize in vacation rental opportunities that are perfect for families, weddings, reunions, and groups of friends traveling together.

Private Vacations About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe you should Live Well, and we’re here to help you Travel Better. You should do good things and treat people with respect. 

Whether you’re close to home, or a world away, traveling can teach you about new cultures, new ideas, and new perspectives. You can also learn a lot about yourself. 

We know that it not just a vacation. It’s YOUR vacation.

Our company name suggests that your experience should be private and customized to your family. You don’t need hundreds of alternatives, you need the perfect options that match your specific family members, your budget and your lifestyle. Our favorite people understand the value of traveling to create positive experiences and energy in the world around them.

Our Properties

The high standards within our collection mean that we take pride in each property we list, and we remain committed to providing authentic, immersive, and transformative travel experiences for all. Primarily focused on family travel, we offer accommodations that are unique in style and location, intimate in design, and distinctively spacious.

Private Vacations Properties

Contact Us

We’d love to welcome you as a past, present or future guest. You can reach us all hours of the day and most hours of the night. Our reservations number is: 435-200-9700, or at relax@privatevacations.com. 

If you are a hotel or property owner, Weston would love to chat with you about Business Development. He can be reached at 801-916-7118 or by email at Weston@privatevacations.com

Our Mascot

Our mascot is The Poipu Beach Seal who lives on the sunny South Shore of Kauai. 

He’s a protected monk seal, one of only a few thousand remaining in the Hawaiian Islands. 

You can follow the adventures of the seal on Instagram and Twitter.

Poipu Beach Seal
Private Vacations Management

Our Management Style

Our hands-on hospitality management style is best exemplified through the active involvement from our corporate team with each of our hospitality assets. Every Private Vacations property is managed through intensive communication and involvement from our onsite managers, reservations team and corporate staff.

This includes ongoing updates to processes and properties using industry benchmarks and 30 years of in house travel and hospitality experience.