Top 18 Best Hikes in St. George, Utah: Your Essential Trail Guide

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St. George Utah is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world for outdoor enthusiasts, couples and families. One of our favorite things to do here is hiking! That’s why we put together this list of the 18 best hikes in St. George, Utah. We hope you love it.

Why Hike in St. George?

St. George has the most amazing canyons on the planet. Its unique rock formations have been shaped over centuries by the erosive force of its rivers and streams.

During your expedition here, you will appreciate unparalleled beauty and extraordinary scenery. Fortunately, St. George offers hikes for all levels, from challenging canyons for expert canyoneers to easy day trips for families with children.

Thousands of people come to St. George, Utah, every year to hike, making it one of the most popular activities in the area. If you’re ready to take on this adventure, check out the list of our 18 favorite hikes!

5 Easy Hikes in St. George, Utah for Individuals & Families

Cascade Falls Hike

Cascade Falls is an easy hike in St. George for beginners. The hike is approximately two miles and takes about two hours. Along the way, you will see tall rock formations, magnificent water shelves, and steep waterfalls that give the hike its name. The trail is accessible year-round from the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway.

Chuckwalla Trail

This trail is one of our favorites because it’s an excellent option for a family hike, and not only that, it’s also dog-friendly! You’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery and an impressive variety of wildlife. It is located in the Paradise Canyon area just ten minutes from St. George and is 1.9 miles long.

Cottontail Loop

This is a short and easy trail with a loop route. We suggest you take a few minutes to appreciate the great view of the Red Cliffs Desert Preserve and its beautiful flowers during your hike. It is only 13 minutes from St. George, Utah, and is dog friendly but remember to keep your dog on a leash.

Dino Cliffs Dinosaur Footprints

If you are a dinosaur lover, we have the best trail for you! It’s a bit sandy at first, but you’ll get to a more solid trail before long. This hike takes 30 minutes and is only 15 minutes from St. George. The trail will take you to more than a dozen dinosaur footprints that are perfectly preserved!

Emerald Pools LowerTrail

This is a paved trail that is perfect for families and is stroller accessible so the little ones can enjoy the scenery. At 1.2 miles long, it will take you about an hour to complete the hike, and you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at the colorful cliffs that stretch out in all directions.

5 Moderate Hikes in St. George, Utah for Individuals & Families Angel's Landing

Sand Bench Loop

If you are looking for a physically and visually rewarding excursion, you need to look no further! When you conclude this 3.5-mile hike, you’ll feel proud of yourself and have enjoyed an excellent view the whole way. Our advice is to do this hike in the morning to avoid direct sunlight and remember to bring a snack for the trail.

Elephant Arch Trail

This trail is located sixteen minutes from St. George, Utah, and has a total length of 3.8 miles. Access is a bit tricky, but once there, it is considered a moderate trail. It is recommended to go with not-so-young children because much of the trail is sandy. You can also go with your pets! During the tour, you will see desert tortoises and end up in an arch similar to an elephant’s trunk, hence the name.

Black Brush

The path of this trail is well-marked and offers stunning views of the St. George area. It is located only twenty minutes from St. George and has a total distance of 4.2 miles round trip. Rock formations and petroglyphs on the cliffs can be seen along the way. Dogs are allowed, and don’t be surprised by the presence of horses; you will find many people riding them.

City Creek - St. George

This 6.1-mile out-and-back trail is famous for the view of The Ledges golf course and the St. George area, as it is only a six-minute drive away. The trail is generally well-marked but becomes confusing when it reaches the connection to Rusty Cliffs. During the hike, you will have to share the road with cyclists and come across several wild animals, allowing you to appreciate them from a safe distance.

Cemetery Trail - Pine Valley

This trail is located in Pine Valley, a 40-minute drive from St. George. Hikes in this area always offer the best views of the valley, and this trail will be no different. At 3 miles round trip, it is a short but steep hike. It is usual to encounter cows, deer, and other wildlife. Complete the hike to the top for a unique view of the valley.

5 Challenging Hikes in St. George, Utah for Individuals & Families

Angel's Landing

This hike is for you if you’re an avid hiker hungry for adventure and great views. At only 2.5 miles in length, be aware because halfway through, things get tricky, you’ll encounter an incredibly narrow and steep climb, but after finishing this stretch, you’ll be rewarded with the best view of Angel’s Landing.

Rim Rock

This trail has been gaining quite a bit of popularity among hikers. The complete loop is 4.5 miles and is only a 20-minute drive from St. George. To access it, you must head up to the Cover Wash East trailhead until you reach a signpost. It is a well-marked trail popular with bicyclists and offers excellent views of the Green Valley.

Black Gulch

This trail is a 19-minute drive from St. George and has a distance of 3.5 miles. The trail is not blazed, so it should be done with the proper equipment and plenty of hiking experience. You will encounter impressive rock formations on this trail, and it is also perfect for exploring with an adventurous pet.

Lange's Dugway

To reach this trail, you must start from Black Gulch. Due to its length of 10 miles round trip, it is considered a strenuous trail. Along the way, you will have great views of Snow Canyon and encounter various local wildlife. Just a 19-minute drive from St. George, Lange’s Dugway is a long trail worth trying for its breathtaking views.

Ice House

This trail has become very popular because of the numerous flowers surrounding the path, making it very picturesque. Its name comes from the fact that it was used to bring ice down from the mountains. It has a total distance of 12.2 miles and has intense climbs. However, its perfect location, just a 13-minute drive from St. George, and the wonderful views of Washington and even Zion National Park make it well worth the hike.

3 Waterfall Hikes Near St. George, Utah for Individuals & Families

Water Canyon

Located just outside of Hildale, about an hour’s drive from St. George. This trail is considered one of the hidden gems of Southern Utah. It has a total distance of 3.3 miles, but less than the first mile, you will encounter its main attraction, an incredible waterfall! The trail needs to be better marked, so we suggest you follow the river.

Toquerville Falls

This trail has been gaining popularity recently because it ends in an oasis in the middle of the desert. It is located a 30-minute drive from St. George and is an ideal trail for families. Once you have reached the falls, take some time to appreciate and play in them!

The Kanarra Creek Trail

If you made it this far, this hike is one of our favorites! It’s impossible to complete without getting wet. It is located in the town of Kanarraville, a 40-minute drive from St. George, and is 4.8 miles long. The trail is entirely green, full of plants and trees. It is an ideal hike to do in the summer with not-so-young children. Be sure to reserve your permit online, as there is a limit to the number of hikers that can enter daily.

Where To Stay When Hiking Near St. George?

Now that you know the best 18 hikes in St. George, Utah, all that’s left to do is choose your ideal lodging. We’ve divided them into campings, cabins, and hotels to make it even easier for you!


If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, pitching a tent or campervan in the middle of red rock canyons and beautiful lakes, these are the best options. Check out the list of our favorite camping spots!

  1. The spectacular Snow Canyon State Park is just 20 minutes from St. George. Due to its excellent location and layout, it tends to be very busy, so we suggest you book well. Click here to read our blog on everything you need to know about this wonderful park!
  2. Sand Hollow State Park the ideal place to camp and spend a warm day enjoying the wide variety of water sports that can be practiced on its beaches.
  3. If you are looking for privacy and enjoy nature, then you will have an impressive experience at Red Cliffs Recreation Area.
  4. Finally, if you want to stay in downtown St. George, there is also an option! McArthur’s Temple View Resort and RV Park is a large complex with a swimming pool and is close to several restaurants in the area.


Coral Canyon Resort

If you are looking for luxury vacation rentals, you should consider Coral Canyon Resort as an option. Its location will provide you with the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. This resort is divided into two types of suites:

  1. The Eighth is a collection of luxurious private homes with a great view of the 8th hole of the Coral Canyon golf course. It is the ideal choice for large families. All homes feature private pools, barbecue grills, hot tubs, and terraces with panoramic views.
  2. Town Center Resort also has luxury rentals ideal for smaller families. Homes feature private hot tubs, custom fire pits, a shared outdoor pool, and Pickleball courts.

Coral Springs Resort

Another of Southern Utah’s finest rentals is Coral Springs Resort. The unique style of the suites combines old-world charm with a southwestern motif. Spacious covered patios with outdoor fireplaces provide warmth on cold winter nights.

Coral Springs Resort has suites ideal for all types of guests. The resort is packed with amenities, from a fitness center, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool for sunny days, and tennis courts to a Clubhouse.

Estancia Resort

If you’re looking for accommodations near downtown St. George, Estancia Resort is the place to stay. With a playground, swimming pools, pickleball courts, tennis, and golf, your entertainment will only be limited by how long you decide to stay.

Each of the suites is equipped with everything you could need. The resort will offer you magnificent views of the mountains and the breathtaking scenery of the valley.

If you need help booking your next St. George vacation, just click here for more information. At Private Vacations, we are happy to assist!

Final Thoughts

With these amazing top 18 best hikes in St. George, Utah, you’ve got hiking covered. Now you just have to choose which ones look most appealing to you and start this fantastic adventure!

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